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outcastpinkamena asked:
"Raaaaarity. I'm booooored."

"I could always help restyle your mane!"

brandonthecrystalunicorn { SO MANY CHOICES uhh RD? I havent had long any RariDash yet }

I will always protect my muse.


That means:

  • I will explain why they did what they did.
  • I won’t tolerate any hate on them.

However, that doesn’t mean:

  • I will excuse everything they do. I’m aware they are not flawless and they are not supposed to be.
  • I will send you (anon) hate, when you dislike them.
lifeisapinkiepieparty asked:
"Why are you twerking, Rarity?"

"It is the ritual to summon Smooze!"

pinkieprxmise { I ALWAYS SAY RARIPIE }

{ Guys I need super extreme fluff with any mane 6 member I just really really really need it MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT THIS }


The sweet and elite pony by Adlynh


"Um… Praise Smooze! I-If you want to, that is…"

"Praise Lord Smooze!"

lifeisapinkiepieparty asked:
The pink pony groans, "Aren't you done with making your new giant hat yet?"





"I told you before Pinkie, Cult Leader Fluttershy said no favors for the gypsys!"

"I am not asking for a favor. For the last time! I am NOT a GYPSY!" She huffs, "I’m just waiting until you are done!"

"Riiight, and the portal was just an accident?"

"WELL I WANNA BRING BACK MY PARENTS. You just wanna bring back living Gak!"

"Well your harmless portal-making has Cult Leader Fluttershy worried about the Smooznami!"


year of the horse, motherfrickers


year of the horse, motherfrickers