staccatoandfriends asked:
"Hi there, Hugity!~" *hugs*

"Hello, Staccato…" She softly hugs her friend back.

Anonymous asked:
"Maybe you should stop being around that pink pony."

"Never! Pinkie is my best friend! Even if it has an influence on my weight…"

"I’m not fat! Or chubby! Stupid grayfaces…" She takes in another scoop of ice cream.

"I’m not fat! Or chubby! Stupid grayfaces…" She takes in another scoop of ice cream.

{ Anon you made Rarity all insecure again

what did you do

why }

rainbowdashtheawesome asked:
Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

10/10 would pun again

Anonymous asked:
Hi chubbity :3

“Did you call me chubby? I am mot chubby! I have been going on a diet! How am I still chubby?” D;

thehouseofivo asked:
I told my friend a slew of jokes to make him laugh.... Sadly, no pun in ten did.

{ I get it, the ten is a quantity which is used to represent the number of jokes you told, but is a bit confusing. 4/10

prince-of-the-stars asked:
Once you've seen one shopping center, you've seen the mall.


Anonymous asked:
Scuba divers work under a lot of pressure.


Anonymous asked:
So an Egg went to New York and he called it Egg Yolk! XD

1/10 original, but not that good

{ I heard Rainbow Dash is in the new Transformers? Why?

{ Pun day at the boutique }

Anonymous asked:
You know what they say...If her age is on the clock then she is too young for the cock. Do you agree with this statement?

{ Well, even if you are 13, that is still pretty young, just saying }

prince-of-the-stars asked:
The new bride got a new name and a dress.


Anonymous asked:
Whats so PUNny!